Insula Token
 Insula Token allows its holders to enter the Insula Blockchain Ecosystem.

Insula is listing on LAToken
Insula Token's Initial Exchange Offering, and listing on LAToken is planned for Spring 2020.
ISLA/BTC, ISLA/ETH ISLA/USDT trading pairs will be added on LAToken markets following the sale of 200 000 Insula Tokens at a fixed rate of 1 ETH = 100 ISLA.

 Insula Token Decentralised Exchange Model :


(ISLA) live rate in  DaiStable Coin (Dai)

1 Dai = 1 USD

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Set up : you need Metamask installed on Chrome Browser with a positive ETH and ISLA balance.




Insula Token Guides & Documentation

Download the below guide and follow it exactly step by step. 

Everything you need to know is included in the guide.

If you need further guidance, please book a consulting session with us.

Solidity UML Diagram

For 0x697ef32b4a3f5a4c39de1cb7563f24ca7bfc5947

Credits: UML diagram generated with SOL2UML

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