Cryptocurrency is much more than #Bitcoin.

A reminder of our investment philosophy: cryptocurrency is much more than #Bitcoin. Crypto investor's obsession with Bitcoin leads to putting all eggs in one basket and is paradoxically a reproduction of the #bias investors are supposedly fleeing from equity markets indexes:

Namely, heavy risk #concentration. (i.e S&P500 & DowJones). Since Bitcoin #dominance is only 66% and not 100%, Bitcoin-only investors can't benefit from complete exposure to the total crypto-market. Bitcoin's price only remains a vague proxy to the crypto-market at best.

This is a well documented cognitive bias called #financialmyopia. The market #correlations appear to have changed over the recent #BlackSwan events (.ie Covid19) and Bitcoin-only investors could be at risk of sub-performing due to lack of crypto #diversification.

After all, as many as 5,235 cryptocurrencies are listed on CoinMarketCap. Is Bitcoin the new S&P500 & DowJones of crypto, #herding myopic investors into one heavily concentrated investment solution? Perhaps.

As a supplement, a link to our first whitepaper version from October 2019 which explains more in-depth our emphasis on the yet-untapped, and often ignored diversity of the crypto markets: (Click Whitepaper in Social Profiles).

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