Limited supply crypto assets as inflation black holes.

Updated: Mar 20

Insula is making market singularity a reality.

"Any non-rotating and non-charged mass that is smaller than its Schwarzschild radius forms a black hole. The solution of the Einstein field equations is valid for any mass M, so in principle (according to general relativity theory) a Schwarzschild black hole of any mass could exist if conditions became sufficiently favorable to allow for its formation."

Our interpretation is that in economics, any new token or coin that is created, equates to the formation of a new black hole.

We suggest the following model, the Bekenstein-Hawking thermodynamic entropy or black hole entropy, adapted to cryptoasset thermoeconomics. It ties together notions from gravitation, thermodynamics, and information theory, where:

wealth = mass (invariant)

inflated wealth = weight inflation = local acceleration of gravity

Stage 1 of the economy - Event Horizon:

Bitcoin’s Genesis Block 🧬 (The black hole appears on Earth 🌍 🕳)

Stage 2 of the economy-Market Singularity point (central point of the black hole): pure competition market,also called an atomistic market.)

All wealth on Earth,time and space is denominated in various cryptoassets and the market is in its strongest form of efficiency. Meet Schwarzschild vacuum/black hole applied to economics 🌬 .

Source: Gravitational singularity & #blackholes.!divAbstract