Insula's centralised trading system:
Capital used for this cluster of investment is proprietary only. 

 Download our Centralised (Cefi) trading unit pitch & whitepaper below:

Insula Low Latency  Cefi Trading Technolog:


An optimised Cefi Order Execution Management System (OEMS):

Latency is also referred to as a ping rate and typically measured in milliseconds (ms).

Proximity with exchanges combined with high connectivity enable orders to be executed faster, and to limit slippage .

Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is actually executed.

Limited slippage is cost-saving for the asset manager and its clients.

Coins traded by our investment system
Our automated investment system allows market making on any crypto-pair.

Exchanges on which our high frequency system is trading: 
We are open to partner with exchanges in order to provide liquidity on the altcoin market.


1 dedicated market making contract 

Business Status 

 Centralised proprietary HFT Fund

PMS Daily Reporting

Cointracking software aggregates, audits & sends daily report on the performance of our various aggregated trading portfolios.

Trading Fees

Negative trading fees apply trough dedicated market making contracting

Total Trading Volume

6,000,000 USD via 543,983 Trades

On 250+   Cryptocurrencies


 Hot storage exchange custody

Market presence:

Simultaneous  trading on16+ exchanges 

 150+  different crypto-markets presence (long/short)

OEMS Live Reporting

 In house software



Management Fee



Bitcoin (BTC)

Daily Average Yield


Current Development Status

In Full Function

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