Insula™ is a cryptocurrency investment management company providing a freemium Software-as-a-Service (Saas).


Insula Investment Management

Core free products.

Do-It-Yourself decentralized, cyber-secure, diversified & liquid blockchain funds.

Our Plain Vanilla Exchange Traded Funds offer simple yet complete access to all cryptoassets via our platform. Each synthetic fund token (FND) is a first of its kind, issued by Insula on the blockchain.


Price: 0% management & custodial fee/30% performance fee.

Open Finance is free.


Insula Investment Consulting

Optional paid supplements.

Support on our own investment products & business model. 

We provide  technical support on our own investment products.

On demand  active strategies.

Our active strategies serve investors who prefer more tailored approaches. Decentralised Finance Corporate Advisory.

Tailored advising sessions with a dedicated  specialist consultant.

In-depth analysis of present-day challenge.

Development of strategic strategy to promote growth.


Price: 3000 Insula Tokens/hour. 

Time & Intellectual  Property is money.

Need more details? Book a prepaid session with us!