As of today, our competitive advantage consists of our institutional grade standards:

Military grade cybersecurity & ownership instead of counterparty risk.

Our investors truly own their private keys & crypto assets, without any counterparty risk.

Competitive pricing instead of charging a monopoly fee.

0% management & custodial fee on all our investment products.

Only a 30% performance fee applies if we generate returns.

Automated technology instead of human bias.

Complete disintermediation & 0% human interference in the investment process.

Personal attention instead of robo-advisory.

Advisory layer to explain better our software layer, in case of need.

Compliant & privacy enhancing solution instead of uncertainty & unlawfulness.

From an AMLD5 & GDPR compliant client onboarding & offboarding to multi jurisdictional tax advisory.

Interest alignement & traceability instead of business model opacity.

Insula and its employees take 100% of its profit & salaries in Insula Token, our native utility token. It is available for analysis on its open distributed ledger.


We take investors by the hand from A-Z for a successful experience.

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