Insulα is a quantitative investment manager that provides accredited investors with an exposure to the cryptocurrency investment universe.
We intend to incept our first investment funds in 2020.

•Insulα Investment Management ™ is a decentralized autonomous corporation. It is an employee owned, fully automated crypto-only long/short hedge fund boutique based in London.

•We are focused on portfolio diversification and high frequency trading on the electronic crypto-market universe.

•We deliver continuous active returns and a core crypto market exposure by building  a portfolio made of hundreds of cryptocurrencies rebalanced on a high frequency/low latency basis.

•Insula's key attributes are highly sophisticated algorithms, and very short-term investment horizons on and off-chain.


•Our investment philosophy is characterised by high turnover rates, and high order-to-trade ratios that leverages high-frequency financial data and short term electronic trading tools.



  1.  Insula Investment Management Ltd does not accept Specified Investments neither renders any services at the moment.
  2.  Insula Investment Management Ltd does not encourage, neither Markets its product to retail investors. (as per the unregulated nature of exchange and utility tokens and existing Marketing Restrictions.
  3. If you are not a UK accredited investor as defined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), please acknowledge that Insula's website information may not be suitable for further consultation and that you may terminate your visit of www.insulainvestments.com immediately.
  4. Insula takes appropriate steps to ensure its content is only exposed to relevant accredited investors, with their prior consent as required by FCA COBS. Hence Insula cannot be held responsible for inappropriate Marketing exposition and it is your entire responsibility to ensure you are eligible to be exposed to Insula's website and digital content. 
  5. Insula is in the process of meeting all the legal requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority to operate as a UK investment company advising on and managing an unregulated collective investment scheme based outside of the UK(target 2020). Investments will begin only once all licensing, authorization and registration requirements are met. In the meantime, we will only operate outside of the FCA perimeter i.e Insula will not operate investment activities before meeting all required licenses.
  6. At the present moment, Insula is solely focused on its research activity and its internal setup.
In case of doubt, please check if you are eligible here.


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