Insulα pooled automated liquidityFor liquidity  Providers 

Set up : you need Metamask installed on Chrome Browser with a positive and equal balance of ETH and ISLA in your Wallet. 


Uniswap is a decentralised token exchange protocol that utilises a "constant product market maker" model. This model allows defining the asset price based on the available staked liquidity of traded assets.


There is no token to facilitate the exchange as ether is used as an intermediary of each trade.

In Uniswap, Insula token has its own smart contract and liquidity pool.​

The price of Insula token is based on the amount of liquidty in the contract.

That is, if someone is buying Insula token with ETH, the supply of Insula token in the pool will decrease while the supply of ether will increase, so the price of Insula token will increase.

If someone is selling token with ETH, the price of the token will decrease.


In other words, token price reflects the supply and demand of that token.


In case a token price significantly shifts from its market price, arbitrage opportunities are created, and the price will eventually be corrected.

Anyone can send their tokens and ether to the liquidity pool.


There is a small fee (0.3%) for each trade which is given to liquidity providers to incentivise pooled liquidity.

Use at your own risk-Insula does not keep custody of tokens.

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Set up : you need Metamask installed on Chrome Browser with a positive ETH and ISLA balance.



For monitoring conveniently your Insula token holdings on Uniswap, we suggest the creation of a (free) account on
All you need is the Ethereum address used for the Insula Token interaction with Uniswap Decentralised Exchange.


Track live your investment in Insula Token liquidity pool on


Demo example of live Insula Token investment ROI:

Example of Insula Uniswap ROI tools available on
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